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Studio X’s newest addition to NISC

Well Studio X has finished the 8 large portraits of inspirational global leaders… they are hung and displayed around the NISC campus… have you found them all yet?

Take a walk around and see who you recognize and find out more about those you don’t.

Gandhi Mother Theresa location, location, location Aesop location, location, location Aung San Suu Kyi Anne Frank Chut Wuthy Mandela location, location, locationEinstein location, location, location


A wonderful look at our city…

I am sharing this video created by dav363 on youtube that a fellow teacher found  (thanks Mr Matt);  it is so lovely and a great glimpse of Phnom Penh that I feel I must share. We are about to explore our city through different art techniques, I will show my classes this for inspiration!

k/1 will be creating paintings using color and shape to explore movement in art; focusing on repetition, form, causation. (check out the tab at top to see our results!)

2/3 will be creating texture drawings in the style of Van Gogh and Seurat; focusing on form, repetition and reflection. (check out the tab at top to see our results!)

4/5 will be creating their own media experiment to tell everyone the wonderful things about Phnom Penh; focusing on function, form and reflection.

6 will be exploring different art styles and who they are as artists; focusing on form, function and reflection.

7 will be creating Portraits from the Market; exploring photography and the art of portraits including Chuck Close, Brett Cook and Alex Katz. (check out the tab at top to see our results!)