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Festival of Lights

Last Thursday evening at NISC was the annual first semester celebration of the arts… concert, art walks and families all together to enjoy the semesters works…

Musical, theatrical, dance performances alongside art from Early Learners, Primary, Middle and Upper school students= Amazing and magical!

Here are just a few images to show what we have been doing…



Conversing with a class across the globe!

Our Grade 2/3’s have been interacting with Grade 2 students in a school across the world in Colorado Springs, USA!

Ms. Davis in Colorado and Ms. Kelli at NISC started thinking about how we could connect our students and share their artwork with each other.  Our first attempt was a success their Grade 2’s created collages of their learning communities and sent us a Voicethread to comment on their art.  Ms Kelli put all the Grade 2/3’s art on FLICKR to share their emotions in art.

Here are the Grade 2’s Learning Community Collages:

And our Flickr feed:

Exploring Emotions in Art

feel free to see how the classes have shared comments with each other!

Now we are sharing our In the Style of drawings we are creating in our How We Express Ourselves unit:

In the Style of… VanGogh

In the Style of… O’Keefe

In the Style of… Picasso

Let us know what you think!

Studio X

Updates from Studio X our very own collaborative multi-age art club.  We have members from grade 4- grade 12 and we are attacking our school campus with art!

We have taken over the main stairs of our central building and made them amazing!

Designed by grade 12 Tanya and painted over 2 weekends with the help of all the group members, we love it and hope you will too…


Check out the Pages above…

It is the time for a gentle reminder… each grade level has a page above ^

please see what awesome things which the learners are participating

also December brings exciting things too… Festival of Lights, an arts celebration on campus as well as an all school exhibit at the InterContinental Phnom Penh!


Cultural Festival Day 2012

Oct 30 this year was our annual Cultural Festival Day Celebration at NISC…

Here are some highlights- all school assembly honoring how Together We Can Change the World, food and games from various culture represented here at Northbridge by learners, staff or community members, performances from a range of ages represented at school, and a closing ceremony to bring us all together in song.  Always a great day…


CX updates…

MRISA Arts Festival

(or Cultural Exchange)

This year, the MRISA CX was hosted at UNIS in Hanoi, Vietnam from 3-5 May. Each year small groups of students from the 8 MRISA schools join together to experience the arts; dance, music, drama and visual artists and teachers share their expertise with students in multiple workshops over the course of three days. The days were spent taking different workshops, exploring ones creativity and making new friends.  Examples of workshops included; graffiti, world-drumming, popular dance, t-shirt making and stomp. In the evening students either got on stage themselves or watched their peers and professionals perform. This year’s participants from NISC were: Saerom Yang, Aspasie Song, Hyeok Keun Choi, Yujiin Choi, Jome Suwannarat, Sophie Ahn, Tanya Ahn, Sentosa Mam, Joobin Lee, Putree Ly, and Fahid Sharaf.
“I will definitely attend next year, this was fun.” ~HK
“Can’t I come back next year and go to CX?” ~Jome
For more images or a look at what else happened during the Arts Festival please check out the website:

Visit a museum this holiday?

Here is a video about how to go to a museum…