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End of the year…

What a fun year we have had, before leaving for the June/July holidays here is a brief recap of some of the fun things we have done the past 2 units… check out the grade level pages above ^ to see all the learners have been up  to this year.

barrett poster final DSC00392 ??????????????????????????????? DSC00514 ipad May 063 Agnes DSC00280 all on blueback installation Ratanak DSC00039 DSC00040 DSC00025 Angelina AbstractMap Sienna


Bring on Rainy Season

Studio X revealed its last big project of the school year at Creativity Night last week. The upper school students had their chance to sing, dance, act and showcase their arts in this evening…. so

Studio X revealed their Umbrella Project… students painted almost 40 umbrellas using mandalas as inspiration. Teams of the “big”kids and the littler kids worked to design, draw and paint the umbrellas.  Now the students are hanging them the way we envisioned them…

DSC00269 DSC00274 DSC00276 DSC00278 DSC00279 DSC00280 DSC00267


Studio X’s newest addition to NISC

Well Studio X has finished the 8 large portraits of inspirational global leaders… they are hung and displayed around the NISC campus… have you found them all yet?

Take a walk around and see who you recognize and find out more about those you don’t.

Gandhi Mother Theresa location, location, location Aesop location, location, location Aung San Suu Kyi Anne Frank Chut Wuthy Mandela location, location, locationEinstein location, location, location

Student Led Conferences

Today is for students to share their learning journey with their family members, parents, caregivers and siblings too.

In the art room, tables are set with work from each class and the learners come in find their work and share what they are doing in the art area!

So far there have been twice as many students since last year who have brought their families in and the conferences have taken place in a variety of languages including Thai ,Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, English, German, Korean and of course Khmer!

So excited to see the learners visit the art room and include their creative journey in their conferences.

DSC09986 DSC09987 DSC09988 DSC09989 DSC09990 DSC09991 DSC09984 DSC09985

24 Hr Challenge

Well it happened again… March 7-8, from 8:26am – 8:26am!

All of the NISC community was out there running for a cause- this year All Ears Cambodia would receive the funds raised at the event.

This is the third annual 24 Hr Run at NISC and if you remember, last year we added art… this year there was running, creating and reading!

ipad March 037 ipad March 039 ipad March 040 ipad March 041 ipad March 042 ipad March 010 ipad March 014 ipad March 017 ipad March 030 ipad March 033 ipad March 034 ipad March 035 ipad March 036

What a difference a day makes!



Studio X busy again

Studio X has been busy… working on grand scale portraits of inspiring, respectful, ethical global world leaders….  they are still not quite finished but here is a peek!

DSC09936 DSC09934 DSC09560 DSC09559 DSC09558 DSC09557 DSC09861 DSC09860 DSC09859 DSC09858 DSC09856 Thomas

Another Collaboration— 2/3’s Unit of Inquiry: Exploration and discovery

Then PE and Art mash up to see what they can discover using experiences and materials they have used before to create new work:

scooter drawingscooter drawingleap frog painting leap frog painting mural relay mural relay