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Using simple materials and a limited space, how do we change the environment?

Color Theory:

In this unit we explored mixing paint and using restricted palettes to create a mood or reflection of who we are…

Cultural Art:

We researched our own home country, then we pulled a country out of a hat.  Each country in the hat is represented here  at NISC , 31 in all.  Then we researched that country’s art and created a piece to reflect that culture’s style:

The first unit this year… Phnom Penh Portraits

We are exploring interesting compositions, photography and the art of Alex Katz, Chuck Close and Frida Kahlo.  Here are some pictures from around campus of composition studies:

Here are some portraits from the Russian Market:

Here are two artists we are looking at for some inspiration:

Alex Katz

Chuck Close

Here is how our Portraits look now:

The Little Old LadySad WomanShy but BeautifulImproper FractionThe SkyMyselfMan of LinesJewelerLonely Dot ManThoughtful Noodle SellerElderly WomanSmiling WomanLamp GirlThe Selling WomanLady DarkBlack JacketThe WeighterOld FunkyWorked as it isLady in Dark


Musical Installations:

The grade 7’s are working with the ECC 3 and 4 year olds to create installation pieces that are musical and kinetic.  We are using materials that are found around our school campus to bring somethings the little guys enjoy doing to their outside learning area; like banging, making noise and moving.  We looked at other real playground designs, artists who use music and movement in their artwork and we are busily constructing our interpretations…

We gathered all the information we could, started researching and decided what to build:

How does color  affect our world?

Lets get messy with paint… first we will figure out what happens when we mix certain colors together…

Define:  Color, Hue, Adjacent Colors, Complimentary Colors, and Monochromatic

As a class we decided the following words’ meanings:

Color- a basic element of art; shows the reflection of light

Hue- different shades of one color

Adjacent Colors- are next to each other on the color wheel; yellow-green-blue-purple-red- orange- yellow

Complimentary Colors- colors on the opposite side of the color wheel; purple & yellow, red & green, blue & orange

Monochromatic- one color and its shades

Can we draw in 4 dimensions?
Self Symbols- 2D design

We looked at line, shape and color to design a symbol to represent ourselves. We looked at business logos to see noisy vs. good examples of designs for ideas.

One Point Perspective of a room
Two Point Perspective of a city

Three Point Perspective

Students then explored the technique of Perspective Drawing: using a two-dimensional surface to show three-dimensions.


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