Sharing the Planet

In the final unit this school year, we looked at how animals could change if they were a mashup of different animals… then learners had to design the habitat for that new animal!  They also needed to name their new creatures.

DSC00505 DSC00514 DSC00455 DSC00463 DSC00474 DSC00473

How the World Works

In Unit 5 the 2/3 learners looked at collage and surrealism in art.  We discovered artists like Rene Magritte, Thomas Barbey, Salvador Dali, and Beth Hoeckel; and tried to create our own dreamlike or fantasy world pictures.

VouchHour Dishant Agnes Jenny YuYeon Noor

Place and Time:

Exploration leads to discovery, opportunity and new understandings.

Unit 4 this year involves explorations and discoveries; both PE and Art are integrating with the classes this time.  So we of course allowed the learners to explore using movement and their bodies to create art: relay races, gymnastic and scooters!

DSC02550 DSC02545 DSC02544 DSC02536 DSC02529 DSC02530 DSC02528

Then in the art room, learners were given a rectangle with lines on it and asked to help with a piece, here they had to focus on detail and color.  Quickly the learners noticed pieces fit together, they guessed at the bigger picture, they played with how pieces linked to others’… they explored the grid of the design (just like they did in maths).

DSC09930 DSC09932 DSC09933 DSC09931 DSC09929

Each class pieced together their puzzle, then they realized their classes fit with the other 2/3 pieces and we all created a large scale mural for the gym!

Image P1050546 P1050547 P1050543 P1050544 P1050545

How We Express Ourselves:

In this unit, art was fully integrated and there was plenty of extra art time for each class.  We explored different art styles and artists, and experimented with see think and wonder about many pieces of art.

Alyssa Pollock Madelin VanGogh ChongHwi O'Keeffe Lukas Pollock Valin Picasso PorLeng Pollock

Cultural Art

In the second unit, 2/3 looked at three different cultures from around the world.  They had to decide on similarities in the works that tie them together through color, style, line or technique and then interpret those familiarities into a piece to reflect the culture at which we looked.

2/3 Red:  Japan, Sumi Ink painting

2/3 Yellow: Southern India, Rangoli designs

2/3 Blue: Korea Masks

Who We Are

Artists  use line and color to express and explore our emotions.

As we learn about color and expressive lines, learners are experimenting with creating feeling in their artworks. Warm and Cool colors were alternated or combined on black paper as our first experiment.

then we experimented with “Blowing Out Our Emotions” the learners had fun making faces to be photographed and then reading the face to illustrate the emotion that they looked as though they were expressing.



Exploring ways shapes can be used in a different ways.  We looked at patterns and shapes used in Art Nouveau and Islamic Art, then we created our own tiles, using watercolor and collage.


Global Perpsectives

Understanding who we are and who others from around the world are, helps us all realize we share similar hopes, dreams, wants and needs…. In art we looked at ourselves in mirrors and then used photos of people from other places and times around the world to draw 2 portraits.

Realism vs Abstraction

Looking at the world around us, we focused on real objects and drawing things the way they appear.

Then we played with color and size, using a 3cmx3cm window on a photograph of a real landscape, animal, object or flower.  The students had to decide which glimpse of a photo they wanted to enlarge.


In this unit we looked at symbols and celebrations used in our families.  We also helped create different lanterns to be used in the school wide Festival Of Lights Celebrations.

Cultural Art:

Culture may be expressed in a variety of ways.

2/3R is experimenting with Indian Rangoli designs:

2/3B has created their own Cambodian Shadow Puppets:

2/3Y used ink in Japanese Sumi paintings:

The first unit this year…

Drawing around campus-
Grade 2-3 is learning about texture in art. We are looking at the Impressionists:  Van Gogh and Seurat for inspiration!

Here are our experiments in texture and impressionism from on site landscape drawing:

Then we used what we discovered about texture from landscapes in a still life of local fruits from the market:


~Animals in their Habitats

~Continuous Lines

We will be exploring line and color. We will use contour line to draw our portraits and explore how we use colors to define who we are. We will also be creating other symbols to represent ourselves in art. Reflection on the color meanings and drawing ourselves and symbols will be part of the class.

Flowers with String

We used string to draw vases of flowers.

Contour Lines

Warm/cool grids

Feeling Portraits


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  1. Could you put my drawing in this Website

  2. Jeano, I will check the photos when we return to school, thanks for checking in. Enjoy Water Festival!

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