Collaborations in Art

In the first unit, art is collaborating in a few of the units at various levels.

In the 4/5 unit, art is an integral piece of the inquiry into cultures and how we express ourselves.
While each student is go using on a different culture to inquire through, they are looking at how traditions, rituals and artifacts reflect the cultures beliefs and values. Each learner will also recreate an artifact used to reflect these beliefs and values.
Here is some in progress work that is taking place:


and a few completed:

In the 2/3 yellow class, students were inquiring into organs and what they really look like. After talking about medical illustration, the students observed dissections of a cow lung and the hearts of both a pig and cow. On their clipboards the learners recorded the sights, smells and details from the dissections which were led by upper school science students.



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