CX updates…

MRISA Arts Festival

(or Cultural Exchange)

This year, the MRISA CX was hosted at UNIS in Hanoi, Vietnam from 3-5 May. Each year small groups of students from the 8 MRISA schools join together to experience the arts; dance, music, drama and visual artists and teachers share their expertise with students in multiple workshops over the course of three days. The days were spent taking different workshops, exploring ones creativity and making new friends.  Examples of workshops included; graffiti, world-drumming, popular dance, t-shirt making and stomp. In the evening students either got on stage themselves or watched their peers and professionals perform. This year’s participants from NISC were: Saerom Yang, Aspasie Song, Hyeok Keun Choi, Yujiin Choi, Jome Suwannarat, Sophie Ahn, Tanya Ahn, Sentosa Mam, Joobin Lee, Putree Ly, and Fahid Sharaf.
“I will definitely attend next year, this was fun.” ~HK
“Can’t I come back next year and go to CX?” ~Jome
For more images or a look at what else happened during the Arts Festival please check out the website:


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