Airport Exhibit

Exciting news for the Northbridge International School Cambodia (NISC) community, there is an exhibit of student artwork displayed at the Phnom Penh Airport.  With the help of Mr. Norinda Khek and Ms. Silen Young at the Phnom Penh Airport; Northbridge has 25 pieces of art and 10 quotes from students about what art is for them in the exhibition.  So if you are traveling for the holidays, please take a look and see the wonderful collection of things we have been working on in the NISC art rooms with Mr. Adam or Ms. Kelli.  It is a small sample of all the talent that our students possess from kindergarten to grade 12.  Congratulations to the following students: Laurens Espada, James Thay, Tzu Wei Lien, Pisey Chan, Christina Veasna, Haven Cody, Hwan Hyu Seo, Myung Seon Kim, Melanie Ens, Shane Gladwin, Hyun Wook (Tommy)Lee, Mario Chan Correia, Joshua Farrugia, Natasia Escubil, Malika Cuthill, Sonica Sinoy, Jasmine Triyono, Boris Huoth, Phallin Chan, Johnny Sambath, Mongkol Song, Hieng Chisieng, Tanya Anh, Bandith Phat, and Thipdey Monorom; their artwork will be on display from 6 December  until 6 January.

Students were able to go see their artwork in the exhibit at an opening on Wednesday, 15 December at 9:30am.

Much thanks to the airport for hosting Northbridge International School Cambodia’s first public exhibit.


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