Request for Supplies…

Grade 7 met as a group this morning and  during class decided what sculptures we are planning to create for the ECC….  We have 6 great ideas that incorporate music and movement, like these:

Here is what we are thinking for supplies:

Wooden balls- up to 10

Wood posts- like fence posts- 7 maybe

Plastic Pipes  tubing- various thicknesses as much as we can get (probably the most of this)

End caps and elbow joints- for the plastic tubing in the variety of sizes

Heavy string- 20 meters

Washers, nuts, bolts, screws (lots and in various thickness and lengths)

Bicycle wheels -5

Hubcaps for cars- 5

Bamboo- various thicknesses


Bottle caps (as many as we can get)

Glue for the plastic tubing

Plaster mix

Electric Drill and various drill bit sizes (especially larger ones)

The list seems long, but we can have so much fun with the sculptures we will share with the ECC kids!

Also the grade 7s are excited to get started and would love as much of the supplies to come in by next Wednesday 24 November…


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