4/5 Artifacts

We will explore and interpret different artifacts from different cultures… what makes an artifact? why does it look like that?  why is it decorated? what does it do?

In Grade 4 we looked at a Greek Vase:

We decided that:

An artifact is ancient, something we use for a long time, shows what they did in the past for art.

What is it used for? Holds water or something to drink, to water plants; maybe could hold plants/flowers or to hide their jewelry and money.

Was it for everyday or special occasions?  Special occasions because it is decorated- probably from a rich house because of the decorations.  In a poor house they would make it themselves.

Why is it shaped liked this?  Front shape makes it easy for pouring water.

Why is it decorated?  Drawn by someone to show what clothing they would wear, shows the vase is important, can tell a story and what they are fighting for, can be easy to sell because of the decorations.

Do you think we were right?

Then we will decide how we would make an artifact that represents ourselves…


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